Prepare yourself for the next must-have in your cd rack, the new major move by the one and only!

There is no need to introduce one of the most outstanding artists in the German progressive trance scene, Deniz Aydin from Hamburg, so we forbear from doing so! Much more interesting is what international much sought-after Day.Din delivers now with 'Sync Yourself', his third studio album. The logical evolution of his sound into one distillation of style, technique and emotion.

There is no creational lack of ideas or any despaired trying, he stands to what he did and what he consistently develops straightforward in the last years. Not only a clearly towering definition of modern and stylish progressive trance, but inimitable tracks slenderized from all needless dead weight, tracks pointing and working directly towards their pristine aim: to sync yourself in trance! If you are brave enough to place yourself on this man's couch, he will make sure to shake up your neurons into an altered state of consciousness! Throw away your antidepressants, fire your therapist; here you'll get the one and only medicine to adjust your unbalanced state of mind But be aware, once you have experienced yourself this way, every day's sensory perception will appear a little bland, so you might get addicted. But don't be worried. This change has nearly no side effects. Trust us, thousands of giddy screaming people on the planet cannot be wrong! Now, run and get your personal CD-copy and eagerly await Day.Din in original on your nearest dance floor!
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